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bella tile stocks great grout

Bella Tile stocks Super-tek Poly-Grout Plus, a premium polymer-modified, sanded and unsanded grout. Come to our showroom to obtain sample grout channels.

how to grout tiles

There are different types and colors of grout for different applications (see below for an idea of available colors - speak to our experts in the showroom or warehouse for information). Traditionally grout comes in “sanded” and “non-sanded” varieties; the latter being best suited for tile spaces less than 1/8″ wide.

There are several video tutorials on youtube that can help; the youtibe video to the right is one of several 'how to videos'.

Additionally, we have provided instructions on grouting below.

Typical Materials & Tools

  • Two buckets (one for mixing grout; one filled with clean water)
  • A grout sponge
  • A grout float (a grout-smoothing tool)
  • Grout
  • Water
  • Putty knife, stick to stir mixture

Step 1. Mixing the Grout
When mixing grout, you’ll must follow the manufacturer’s directions. Pour about 3/4 of the recommended amount of water in the bucket and then add the grout.

Once mixed, add the remaining water to achieve the desired consistency, which should look something like the picture on the right. Working in smaller batches and hand mixing is best.

Step 2. Insert the Grout

Press the grout into the spaces between tiles by first moving the float across the spaces at a diagonal to make sure the grout line is filled.

Step 3. Scrape off the Excess

Then do a second swipe over the top to clean off the excess.

Step 4. Removing the Excess
After the grout has set for 15 to 30 minutes (you may have to work in sections if you have a large area to cover) wipe up the excess grout with water and a sponge.

Wait 3 hours and repeat the sponging, this time ensure there isn’t excess grout on the tile or outside of the grout line.

Also, change the water as often as necessary to keep the tiles and area clean.

Step 5. Wipe Clean the Floor
After allowing to dry (preferably overnight), you will still find grout haze on the floor. Use a dry towel to rub off any excess grout haze. The dust can then be swept up.


After everything is dried, swept and clean, seal the job with a good grout sealer.