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BELLA TILE WAREHOUSE - 408 East 11th Street (btwn 1st & Ave A), New York, NY 10009 - 1-212-475-2909

An admired art form that flourished in ancient Rome involving the fitting of small pieces together to create a new pattern or design.  Mosaics have been a popular surfacing material for thousands of years.

This historic category has recently enjoyed technological advances, including ceramic manufacturing techniques that make the material stronger along with specially formulated grouts that better resist stains. Designs can range from a simple straight border, to phantasmagorical centerpieces!

mosaic Origins

mosaic tiles

Bella Tile offers a variety of classic looks in luxurious stones such as marble, travertine, and onyx as well as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, pebbles, and glass. Often, mosaics are provided on mesh to make installation easier.

Interior designers decorators love the small sized mosaic pieces: the tiny pieces fit easily around complex curves and in tight nooks and crannies that would otherwise hinder the installation of hard surfacing materials.

By working with Bella Tile, we can help you customize your installation: we stock pre-made mosaic blends and solids – we can also order special mosaics as needed. 

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